Melina is a Melbourne born ‘visual storyteller’ – Artist, Illustrator & Designer.
Specialising in minimalistic line work that capture the imagination and promote a feeling of serenity. The intuitive, fluid lines are her authentic signature of self expression. Melina McGough’s calculated eccentricity and aggressively chill vision has no match. Shockingly bold yet tame with minimalistic black and whites, her artwork marries contemporary, quirkiness with timeless design. Sustainability is her core value, she uses recycled paint, materials and brushes as often as possible.
With a growing fan base and high profile clientele, she’s worked with renown brands, been internationally recognised for her portraits, hired as a live fashion illustrator for events and also paints murals around the city.
Her online store sells a variety of exclusive prints. Melina is currently available to take on new commission work, original art requests and open to collaborate.
Weapon of choice:
Black ink, pencils and paint.

​It’s a collaborative process where she’s able to adapt to the needs of each client and creates timeless work. Wether it's bringing out someone's personality through portrait sketch or creating a timeless logo. “It’s really about connecting with people and brands on a deeper level and telling their story.” Communication and an intuitive understanding is key.

Instagram: @melinamcgough.art
Email: melinamcgough.art@gmail.com
Website: www.melinamcgough.art